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The Kete Kai Street Market is for Tuia 250 Ki Tōtaranui, an event that marks 250 years since the first meetings
between Māori and Pākehā during James Cook’s voyage to Aotearoa on the Endeavour in 1769. The event is
to commemorate this pivotal moment in Aotearoa’s history as well as the extraordinary feats of the Pacific
voyagers who reached and settled in Aotearoa many years earlier.

The Kete Kai Street Market will include a range of Food, Craft & Merchandise Stalls as well as Community
Group Stalls and local entertainment.

The Kete Kai Street Market is Māori themed but includes food from the cultures who have joined us in this
beautiful area. If you have decorations or clothing that go with our theme then please feel free to use or wear

This market will be focussing on being environmentally friendly, sustainable and alcohol free.