Te Wai Māori Trust is excited to announce the launch of the new Tiaki Wai Fund for 2019. This fund is targeted towards small-scale freshwater fisheries and freshwater fisheries habitat projects led by Iwi and hapū. 

In 2018, Te Wai Māori published Understanding Taonga Freshwater Populations in Aotearoa – a report prepared for Te Wai Māori by NIWA. Amongst other things, this report highlighted a number of knowledge gaps relating to freshwater species and habitats.  

Te Wai Māori recognises that these knowledge gaps hinder the ability of Iwi and hapū to take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their taonga. The aim of the Tiaki Wai Fund is to support groups to undertake projects that seek to address these knowledge gaps through research, development, and education.  

Applicants can apply for up to $5,000 from the Tiaki Wai Fund.  


Tiaki Wai Fund Information


The Fund is open for applications from 19 February 2019 and will remain open until the Fund is fully allocated. Applications can be made at any time, and Te Wai Māori staff will assess them as they are received. Before filling out the application form, applicants should read the Tiaki Wai Fund 2019 Guidelines.  

In addition to the Tiaki Wai Fund, Te Wai Māori Trust will once again offer funding through the Wai Ora Fund, which will open for applications from March. More information about the Wai Ora Fund will be available closer to the time. 

The application form and fund guidelines for the Tiaki Wai Fund are available on the Te Wai Māori website waimaori.maori.nz. For questions relating to this fund, please contact Joshua Baller at Joshua.baller@waimaori.maori.nz or call 04 260 7525.