Te Arahanga, with the support of Te Putahitanga, is pleased to be able to offer a continuation of last year’s introduction to Taiao Management from a cultural perspective.

This year Te Arahanga has been fortunate enough to secure a grant to continue our Taiao training. Our first Wananga is scheduled for Friday 28th of February 2020 and finishes on 1st of March 2020. Please note; departure will be from Picton at 2.30 pm Friday.

Our first wananga will be practically focused and include site visits with Archaeologist and kaumatua.  Te Arahanga will also introduce our full year online / wananga course. As tutors, we realised that the content of the course was a lot of information to absorb in a weekend wananga. Te Arahanga, want to make the course content as practical as possible, has elected to teach the full year course on a project basis.

A Project basis means each tauira will work with their whanau, hapū and iwi to select a project that is important to them. Te Arahanga will then work with tauira to develop a project plan over the year that includes all the elements that have to be considered to make this project a success.

Final moderation (assessment) will rest with the whanau, hapū and iwi. Te Arahanga moderation will be to ensure all the information for the project has been considered and recorded in an appropriate manner.

Who is eligible for this Wananga:  All those who participated in the introductory Taiao management in August 2019 and all new students who wish to participate in the full year course.

Course Cost:  The February 2020 wananga will be free to all those who participated in the Introductory course in August 2019. However, to ensure that this course can be delivered in a sustainable manner Te Arahanga has had to introduce a course fee for the full year course.

A maximum charge for the full year course will be $ 1500.00; however we have some subsidies available for the Iwi of Te Tau Ihu and the northern Ngai Tahu iwi (Hokitika to Kaikoura). We also have a full refund and subsides available for all Iwi who mandate Te Arahanga to deliver services for them.

Te Arahanga is currently calling for expressions of interest, a more formal process will be initiated at the end of January 2020. The website will be launched in early January 2020 and a link will be sent to you early next year.

Course Scedule for 2020 Dec 2019 Expressions of Interest Form 2020 training Course

Expressions of Interest Form 2020 training Course