This is an unsettling time. It’s new for all of us and it changes every day. So as whānau Māori, #ProtectOurWhakapapa! made a website to bring together simple, clear, trustworthy information and help about the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can’t physically go to our marae right now, or even each others’ homes to have a kōrero and a kapu tī. Online spaces are more important than ever before.

On their website there are links to official, up-to-date information about the virus. They have posters that you can share with whānau of all ages. There are links for all of the whānau – support for wāhine, tāne, and games and apps for our tamariki.

We’re all in this together – we can do it, whānau – let’s #ProtectOurWhakapapa!

Website – #ProtectOurWhakapapa!